Henry Littlechild

Freelance Director

Eight Rounds Rapid - Onesie
From the album “Love Your Work”

Written and Directed by Rubber

Modern life is shit. Phones, beer, sex, chips. Garish flashing lights. Hypnotic distractions from our crushing existential ordeal.

Starring ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ and ‘Peaky Blinders’ Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, ‘Onesie’ tells the inconvenient story of most of our lives. A sudden birth; thrown from the passenger seat of a speeding 1998 Ford Puma, into the full glare of cheap provincial living. Then a lonely eventless death on the cold lonely pavement of an after-hours Essex seafront. In between, an adventure of sorts, but nothing of consequence.

Inspired by the track of the same name by Essex post-punk four-piece ‘Eight Rounds Rapid’ from their third studio album ‘Love Your Work’, Onesie is shank-sharp satire on a soulless post-Brexit Britain and the screen-dulled Insta-Generation.

Rubber - Henry Littlechild, Tony Burke
Executive Producer - Tessa Wood @ Untold Studios
Producer - Freddie Barrass @ Untold Studios
Assistant Producer – Ella Glazer @ Untold Studios
Director of Photography - Murren Tullett @ Casarotto Ramsey & Associates
First Assistant Camera - Steven Fairman
Art Director - Shaun Fenn
Storyboards - David Alexander
Editor - Matt Chodan @ Gorilla Editors
Colourist – Matthieu Toullet @ MPC
Flame Artist – George Rockliffe @ Untold Studios
Sound Producer – Ornela Peka @ Wave Studios
Sound - Parv Thind & Jack Patterson @ Wave Studios
Typography - Jacob Hill-Gowing & Claire Thompson